TINA - (O-0296)

Twisted Intercalating Nucleic Acid, ortho-TINA, para-TINA

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Product Details

OLIGObuilder Code {o-TINA}
Other Name(s) Twisted Intercalating Nucleic Acid, ortho-TINA, para-TINA
Property Duplex Stabilization, Intercalator
Oligo Modification Type Non-fluorescent Conjugate

Product FAQs

Intellectual Property

TINA TINA Oligonucleotides are protected by patents pending. The TINA Oligonucleotides are made and sold for research purposes only under a patent license granted by Anapa Biotech A/S.
By accepting this License Note the Buyer accepts that the Buyer can only use the TINA Oligonucleotides for its own internal research purposes, especially excluding any commercial purposes and use.
Any commercial purpose or use of the TINA Oligonucleotides shall be subject to a prior written license agreement between the Buyer and Anapa Biotech A/S.