Small RNA Sequencing

TriLink CleanTag® technology eliminates the need for adapter-dimer removal to enable quick, easy small RNA library preparation from low-input samples. Use CleanTag primer sets and kits to produce clean NGS libraries for miRNA sequencing from as little as 100 pg total RNA or from single cells.

CleanTag® Technology

Adapter dimers form when 5' and 3' adapters self-ligate the target library insert, and amplification of this smaller adapter dimer side product often exceeds amplification of the tagged library. Our modified adapters block adapter-adapter ligation to improve the ratio of adapter dimer to tagged library. This improves the quality of sequencing data.

Use CleanTag products to:

  • Increase mappable reads for inputs as low as 100 pg
  • Efficiently tag samples with low miRNA abundance
  • Reduce sample loss and enable higher NGS sensitivity
  • Decrease library prep labor and overall cost
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