CleanTag® Small RNA Library Prep Kit & Primers

Small RNA sequencing (small RNA-seq) from single cells is a powerful analytical tool. However, library prep is dominated by adapter dimer formation. This limits the amount of quality data retrieved from each sample. TriLink has developed a unique solution employing CleanTag® modified adapters that significantly reduce adapter dimer formation. This technology allows for full automation of the library preparation process by using magnetic bead-based methods instead of labor intensive PAGE purification.

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Achieve Exceptional Assay Sensitivity

  • Increase mappable reads for inputs as low as 1 ng
  • Efficiently tag samples with low miRNA abundance
  • Reduce sample loss and enable higher NGS sensitivity
  • Decrease library prep labor and overall cost
  • Compatible with Illumina® and Thermo Fisher platforms

CleanTag® Technology

Adapter dimers form when the 5’ and 3’ adapters self-ligate without the target library insert. Consequently, amplification of this smaller adapter dimer side product often exceeds amplification of the tagged library. By blocking adapter-adapter ligation our modified adapters improve the ratio of adapter dimer to tagged library. This leads to significantly higher quality sequencing data.

Increase Mappable Reads

CleanTag chemically modified adapters greatly suppress adapter dimer formation during adapter ligations and are optimized for total RNA input from 1-1,000 nanograms. Inputs as low as 10 picograms have been successfully sequenced but results with such low input amounts may vary depending on sample quality and application.

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CleanTag can improve your overall NGS workflow and significantly improve cost.

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