Optimize Production of mRNA Therapeutics,
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CleanCap® Reagents: A Novel mRNA Capping Solution

CleanCap technology is a “one-pot” solution that reduces the number of steps, equipment required, and time to produce a 5’ Cap 1 mRNA structure with 95% efficiency, providing a modern alternative to enzymatic capping. Available in GMP grade, CleanCap reagents offer an immediate solution for swiftly scaling from clinical to commercial.


The CleanCap Technology Advantage

As a revolutionary solution to mRNA capping for vaccine and therapeutic production, CleanCap technology offers many advantages over traditional enzymatic capping:

  • GMP Grade Available
  • 3x Transcriptional Yield
  • One-Pot Synthesis for Superior Efficiency
  • Reduces Immunogenicity
  • Natural Cap 1 Structure

Tried and Trusted Technology

Used in global commercial manufacturing programs, including a leading COVID-19 vaccine, CleanCap technology has proven to be the optimal mRNA vaccine capping method. See how we ramped up production to meet unprecedented demands in the global pandemic.

Accelerate Your mRNA Therapeutic Development

CleanCap technology is the fastest and easiest way to produce a 5’ Cap 1 mRNA structure with 95% efficiency. The “one‑pot” solution requires fewer steps and less equipment than enzymatic capping—allowing for a quicker process, greater production potential, and a better return.


Request a Quote for CleanCap

Request A Quote for CleanCap

Clean Cap

Applications for CleanCap Reagents

CleanCap reagents are advancing some of the most cutting-edge pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies on the market today. Recognized as the superior capping method, CleanCap analogs are the future of mRNA therapeutic production.


Find the CleanCap Structure That’s Right for You

From research use to GMP grade, CleanCap technology is available in a variety of formats to meet your unique production needs;

  • GMP Custom mRNA Manufacturing
  • Custom mRNA Manufacturing
  • Capping Reagent—Research and GMP Grades
  • Stocked mRNA with CleanCap Reagent AG

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